Sunday, February 19, 2012

the late Michael Talbot talks about the holographic universe

The book THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE had a profound impact on me. Both Whitley Strieber and Mac Tonnies have referenced it and it's bizarre conclusions. Let me add that Michael Talbot has really great hair.

This video was unknowingly was posted at 12:34 (so there y'have it).


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I don't believe this.I was just searching for this You Tube video to post on my blog.
I remembered seeing it on "The Secret Sun" blog ages ago and thought I would put it up as a filler post,as I'm busy reading
"THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE" at the moment.A book I've had for a while,but have not taken the time to read,until now.
Well Mike,there is no need for me to re-post it now,I've stolen my thunder.-)

Although,I will be doing my own post about THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE as far as it relates to my own universe,at a later date,once I've got my thoughts together.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I had to chuckle when Lucretia Heart commented on Basher in the Darryl Anka post that,
"None of them used over-dramatic devices like speaking in a chant or 'holding their hands in a steeple' pattern".
Then I see the screen shot of Micheal Talbot in the video you posted with his hands in the steeple pattern.

The Quark Observer said...

If you guys get a chance this one was so so so so good IMO....

'Michael Talbot - Rare Holographic Universe Lecture 1/12'

Stigmata and the lot! Some interesting stuff to listen to in the one I just posted i have never heard or seen anywhere else... Some book mentioned that sound very interesting. Only thing is he does and exercise or two and you just have to listen cause it involves whatever he is giving out.

Mike Clelland! said...

posted at one-two-three-four.

dboy said...

i read this book in 1991 or 92; when a friend said, i can't make heads or tails out of it, but i think you might like it. i did, but i did found it quite a struggle at the time, but worth the led to a string of similar books by roger penrose,james gleick, Paul Davies; before graduating to Robert Anton Wilson, Philip K Dick et al. I watched and enjoyed both the video you posted and the one posted in the comments by The Quark Observer. I think I should revisit the book, so thanks to you all for inspiration and direction, valuable commodities at all times. Keeping an eye out for that post Darren.

tinyjunco said...

Thanks for posting this! I started watching it with my husband a couple of nites ago - i left the room after a few minutes, i was irritating the hell our of him with my 'yep's and 'umm - hhmmm's. This info meshes quite nicely with the knowledge given to me in an NDE by some beings who seem to be very very similar to Dan Mitchell's Theomorphs.

Quoting from a comment i left at Mr. Mitchell's blog:
"My NDE at 21 took place wholly in a/the starry void. after i lost grip on 'consensus trance consciousness' i found myself in a 'place' that looked like a starry void and put out the huge amount of latent force traditionally found in the void. The immediate loss of every speck of anything resembling human life, body, conditioning caused the greatest terror i have ever felt. One split moment can last longer than you have lived.

I sensed an offer to help and assented. Then the theomorphs began teaching me ...... i'm still learning.

****At the same time i began 'falling' thru endless dimensions.....i would find myself in a huge starry space of a universe, while 'falling' and becoming smaller and smaller until my attention was at a point, then 'pop'! inside that point you saw a whole another universe. repeat ad infinitum (literally!). during each 'change' the look of the starry void would shift very slightly.*****

It was also very loud. Like this:

i sh7t you not - i've never been that scared before or since. But my teachers held my attention and let me see it through their eyes, with their knowledge. Why i received their help i don't really know, but i have a feeling it relates to that word you defined up there which is at the heart of any worthwhile philosophy. (empathy)

I've described this experience (as best i can) to family and friends, and *****my dad ran across some type of program on physics with astronomical pictures that reminded him of my description.*****"

I've put stars to bracket the parts that resonate with this presentation.

as an aside, after 1.5 years of me cutting my own hair, my husband has let me have a go at his. For over a year he has been looking for a picture that captures his perfect ideal of hair - well, now he has a half hour video! He'll have to grow the top out for a while, but it looks quite do-able.

If we pull it off i'll send you a picture ;) steph

Trish said...

Talbot was brilliant. He managed to pull together quantum physics, psychic weirdness and synchronicity into one cogent theory. I was so sad when I heard he had passed on. But perhaps he had finished what he'd come here to do.

And yeah, Mike, he DOES have good hair!!

Trish said...

Jeffrey Mishlove also had a profound impact on it. Appropriate that he interviewed Talbot.

Trish said...

We're putting this up, too. It shoulld be spread far and wide. Thanks for posting it, Mike.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I've had some pretty big syncs since I started reading
"The Holographic Universe",but today's syncs turned out pretty big.

I found out Lyall Watson's
(author of "Supernature",mentioned on page 126 of "The Holographic Universe")
niece lives in my hometown,on my side of the river,by the sounds of her blog.And that her uncle
(Lyall Watson) died in the same town that I attended my first ever funeral,of my uncle,who lived and died in Gympie.
It might be a Holographic Universe,but it sure is a small world.-)

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how a book like The Holographic Universe can be so readily countered and so many people still think it is scientifically substantiated. For instance, the story of the island people that have a common mind to not procreate live on a diet of yams that have a birth control pill-like effect. When they leave the island, their diet changes and they get pregnant. Nothing more special than that. Or the precognition experiments of Helmut Schmidt. Turns out he was very well known for sloppy science. It's documented.

I read THU two times and researched most of book. Found rational explainations for the phenomenon easy to find.