Saturday, January 28, 2012

audio interview with Trice Sheridan

Last night I did an audio interview with a Trice Sheridan, she is a researcher and director for ICAR. I had met Trice at a series of UFO conferences, and I found her to be wonderfully thoughtful and dedicated to her research. We've corresponded a little over the years, and it was me who suggested to her that I be a guest on her audio show, something I don't normally do.

Before the show, I sent her a few links to some of my blog postings and interviews, and she dug into this stuff in a way that left me impressed.

The interview is linked HERE.

It's a two hour live podcast posted on Joe Montaldo's Paranormal Radio Network. And that's Trice in the photo.

Oh those numbers!

I made a copy of the audio interview using my skype recorder, and the number 123 curiously shows up again. I am continuously struck by how this number appears on my computer in relation to my on-going paranormal work. I have searched for this number in my files in relation to mundane documents and it just doesn't seem to happen. The 123 thing seems to want to cluster around UFO's and owls.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

It's good hearing you on the other end of the mike for once.Good job.

It's funny,I came over here to listen to the Kim Carlsburg podcast from about a year ago,because I had just finished reading her book and thought I would give it another listen."Beyond..." is a great book,whether you take the events in Kim's life at face value,or just on a Jungian level.The artwork is really fantastic eye candy as well.Kim should sell the prints separately on her website.There are a few I would buy.
If you didn't finish that book Mike,you should.It's very good.
Thanks for bringing Kim and her books to my attention.I'll have to get her latest book now.

It would be great if you could have a conversation with Kim and Darryl together in a 3-way conversation...or if they both do some channeling...make that a five way conversation .-)

Jerry said...

Having followed your blog for quite some time, I greatly enjoy your audio intervies (both as host and guest). On Saturday I loaded your interview with Trice on my MP3 and went about my daily business. As you were discussing synchronicities, I was thinking about your experiences with "1234" and some of my own. About then I arrived at my destination, and checked the clock. You guessed it... 12:34 PM!

Jerry Seitz
Hudson, IN

Red Pill Junkie said...

Whoa! Trice was really thorough with the material she asked about.

It was a nice interview. And some of the comments made in that chat room were very interesting. Specially the ones made by that Native American police officer —you might want to consider including a member of a Native American nation to your list of potential guests for your 2012 audio conversations :)