Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a comrade in blogging

I've connected with a comrade in this on-ling blogging thing. Arvin from Texas has a blog of first person musings titled SKYWARD.

He wrote:
"I began investigating UFO phenomena in 2008, primarily by analyzing eyewitness accounts and photographs. High strangeness ensued."

That sorta matches my experience, in a way that seems more than a little bit uncanny. Plus, he's a better writer than I'll ever be, so he joins the ranks of my blogging sisters, Lucretia Heart and Stace. And Dan at LUMINSITY.

Dare I say he fit's into a ever expanding crew of people that are part of a Shared Pattern. More on this at some point soon.


Arvin Hill said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Mike.

I started rattling down this road no trepidation, but my blind spot was not anticipating the difficulty of sharing it. With Hidden Experience you show how it's done, critics be damned, with a level of humility and sincerity I can only aspire to, and I'm truly grateful the work you've done here.


Mike Clelland! said...


Thanks for the kind words.

My writing style was formulated by two life experiences. One was a career in advertising. That means short sentences, say ONE thing, and it's encouraged to be folksy and informal.

The other was MAD magazine, with more short sentences - and lots of exclamation marks!


Arvin Hill said...

Damn it, man. Avril is a chick name. Not that there's anything wrong with chick names. Arvin. Battle worthy. Carnage worthy. Friendship. Go figure. S'alright, my friend. It trips a lot of people up.

I'll never be a good blogger because I don't have a singular mission or quest. Even the Zazzle thing - it isn't about selling, which is kind of hard for people to believe - and, in fact, commerce makes me very uncomfortable. I can write ad copy and tag lines and design logos all day long (although I find it wearying). Ain't that how life goes.

For this subject, in this capacity, I write solely for expression - and share it solely because it's Part of The Deal. It's doubtful I'll ever feel comfortable with the sharing part. I'm not exactly a people person, at least in terms of dealing with an unseen public.

MAD was awesome. As an adolescent misfit, perfecting the art of Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions - ironically enough - kept me from getting my ass kicked. The only other magazine to ever win my affection is Harpers.