Wednesday, March 9, 2011

one year ago today

28 short eared owls on a fence in Missouri. Very eerie photo by Faren Fite, double click on the image for a HI-rez view.
It was one year ago today that I recieved Mac Tonnies' book in the mail.

This was the same day I was sent a link to a series of still photos featuring a very unusual cluster of owls on a fence in Misourri. These two seemingly unrelated events were the opening salvo in an onslought of overt weirdness that almost drove me into madness.

These were the seeds to a series of postings all under the rather bland label: MAP.

Just so y'know, there will be a day when I follow up on this mysterious jumble of tangled clues, more for me than any reader of this blog.

Below is a short note I found in my files, written to myself almost a year ago:

On the afternoon of March 12th I was trying to deal with the google maps program and create some more exacting lines. During this somewhat compulsive work, the phone rang, and it was Mac Tonnies’ mother. It was a very touching conversation, she called to thank me for the illustrations in the book. We spoke for almost an hour, and she shared a lot about her son. After saying goodbye, I was absolutely filled with gratitude.


Brizdaz said...

Thanks for reminding me to get a copy of Mac Tonnies' book to read...and your illustrations to awe over.-)

Anonymous said...

Just curious why the owls are strange....what does it mean?