Saturday, January 22, 2011

this whole blog, read in order

Shortly before the Christmas season (I don't remember the exact day) I had what I've been calling a nice thought. This was nothing more than an idea popping into my head. I thought to myself, I would really love to have someone go through and read all my blog postings, one-by-one in order. Hopefully someone with a fresh perspective could give me a little bit of feedback. But mostly, I just wanna know if I've lost my mind.

Maybe I should have a contest? The first person to read the whole thing could win a gift certificate for ice cream!

Then, just a few days later (or hours later? I can't really figure it out) I received a very nice comment on the winter solstice, from someone calling himself Brizdaz. And, he really did go through and read every post! His summation was entirely complimentary! So, from his feedback, both funny and insightful, I feel reassured that I'm not insane. And, curiously, his very first comment to me (see bellow) was inspired by owls.

Brizdaz wrote:


This is the first time I have read your blog and I find it truly fascinating, so I've decided to start right at the beginning and work my way through ... The first post I read on this blog was "Owl on a Cold Winter's Night" ... then I started scrolling down, and thought, where do I start - the answer - at the beginning, of course.

So I went right back and started scrolling up. So far,I'm as far as the "Owls at Sunset" post, and a thought entered my head that maybe owls are some sort of alien/hybrid cross also, and maybe they can work as a type of alien messenger or drone type creature for aliens to watch us from afar? They do appear otherworldly compared to most birds.

Just a thought, and love the blog.

(PLEASE NOTE: the comment above is slightly edited for brevity)

Text added Jan. 27, 2011:
Presently FOUR people have chimed in and told me that they have read every post on this blog. To Mark, Red Pill Junkie, Lucretia Heart and Brizdaz; I thank you from the deepest part of my being, I appreciate your support (and patience) enormously!


Red Pill Junkie said...

I like Briz's input, though now because of him pointing it out, I can't stop looking at that "Mothman" shadow in the picture of Mac Tonnies ;)

I actually did the same thing (reading all the posts) back when I found your blog thanks to Greg Bishop's mentioning it at UFO Mystic way back in ...well, it's been a while! To me the owl thing was not that important, though. What "trapped" me was the accounts of your observation of the 5 little Grey entities outside your bedroom, and the weird UFO you once watched, which you said it looked to you like a Coffee can, though to me it still resembles a Mexican balero :P

But I'm not sure if you can rely on outside opinions to ascertain whether you've gone loopy or not. I sure think you're not crazy! but maybe you'll have to live with that uncertainty --and not cling to any particular belief system re. your experiences, as you've done so far-- for the rest of your life.

That being said, I think the thing that has helped you the most is that you have started to trust "your gut" --i.e. your intuition-- as a valuable tool to find your personal path. Because at the end of the day this IS your personal journey, not Brizdaz's or mine, or any of the people that might find your blog, and even help you occasionally with one or two clues.

We're rooting for you, but you're on your own.

The difference now (compared to a few years back) is that you're strong enough to realize that, and be at peace with it.

Mike Clelland! said...

reply to RPG,

Yes - good advice, all of it.

In a way this need for someone to read my blog felt like pangs of insecurity than an outside assessment of my sanity. Perhaps the better metaphor should be like the guy who steps on stage to share his life story, and he turns to the person next to him and nervously asks, "Is my tie on straight?"

(I've worn a tie maybe twice in the last decade)

But, I wrote it like it played out in my head.

So - You too have read the whole thing. Please know, i worked in advertising so i do my best to write short essays that don't ramble (advice to certain "other" bloggers out there) so I hope you found my self indulgent on-line journey inspiring.

That said - HUGE THANKS for your support and encouragement as I proceed forward!

also - RPG is a also an acronym for Rocket Propelled Grenade

Red Pill Junkie said...

And RPG is also an acronym for Role Playing Game, one of my favorite kinds of videogames.

(though my exact acronym would be RPJ).

Brizdaz said...

Re RPJ's
" the end of the day this IS your personal journey, not Brizdaz's or mine, or any of the people that might find your blog..."

I agree 100%,amigo.What would Jung have been if he played to popular opinion,instead of following his own path? I suspect we never would of heard of him,or his great body of work.
The beauty of reading blogs like this is because the person is following their own truth,and usually that will ring true to the majority,if not now,probably some time in the near future.

Like you say RPJ
"We're rooting for you, but you're on your own."
...and that's how it should be.
Journey on , Mike.
We're rooting for you...even if in Australia that would be like saying that "We're f**king for you" .-)

Brizdaz said...

...and Mike.Your tie is on just fine.-)

Great blog!

Brizdaz said...

"I like Briz's input, though now because of him pointing it out, I can't stop looking at that "Mothman" shadow in the picture of Mac Tonnies ;)"

Actually,I have to confess that the first time I noticed it,I too thought it looked like the Mothman,but I could also see a dove,and I threw in the angel,as a suggestion to others who may prefer to see something less creepier than a Mothman.

It was probably reading the posts about the Mothman,that made me notice the shadow on Mac's face.
But I'm sure he would be having a chuckle to himself about it also:-)

Mark said...

I'll just chime in here too, Mike. I think I came across your blog from reading on Unknown Country, and I too, went back to the beginning and read it all the way through.

Excellent stuff, keep going, keep thinking and keep writing.

Mike Clelland! said...

Huge thanks to Mark, RPJ and Brizdaz for reading thru this swirling set of blog posts.

Peace to all of you!
Mike C!

Anonymous said...

I, too, have read your entire blog. I went back after finding it (or you found me-- I can't remember!) to the very beginning. I've read every word ever since.

I can't always comment-- many of the interviews I've yet to listen to and feel I can't comment until I hear them-- but I keep up faithfully.

I love what you do here and will always be a supporter of yours.