Saturday, April 10, 2010

animal spirit communication with Diana

A very cute Pine Marten makes an apearence in this diolog

Very rarely in my life will I succumb to a complete full body tingle. I've gone years and not experienced this weirdly blissful feeling. During the Skype conversation with Diana, I was awash in the hauntingly beautiful sensation. I'm not sure what it means, but I wallowed in the feeling.

She has a very interesting website with a message forum where she does these readings.
audio download / 1 hour 41 minutes long

NOTE: If the audio link is finicky, try refreshing this page. Or, to download directly to your hard-drive, simply click on the KADOO logo (at the right) and then click on the big button labeled "Download"

I first heard her voice when she was interviewed on DREAMLAND by Anne Strieber. As soon as I heard her voice, I realized that I simply had to talk with her. Maybe it was a little bit selfish, but I wanted to know if owls would be part of her form of animal spirit readings.

Diana gave me a spirit animal reading from her homemade deck of cards. This is the center piece of the audio conversation.

Owls don't show up (much) but weasels do! The Pine Marten and Badger play an interesting role in this audio interview!

Plus, bumble bees, frogs, lady bugs, goose, coral (really), two dragons and a raven!

Also of note, this was my 100th posting.


Chris said...

The funny thing about so-called subtle energy is that it isn't always subtle. Those physical sensations can be something else! I had a powerful physical sensation run through my body (as well as emotional) the first time I went to a gifted hypnotherapist for anxiety problems as she revealed a past life issue. I was always open to these sorts of things, but doubtful to a certain extent, too. But the body doesn't give a damn about one's doubts!

It really does seem that the brain is not the only organ capable of some level of awareness and memory. There are few things I feel I should mention that relate to this topic: 1) Whitley Strieber's meditations in the subscriber sections (he focuses a lot on meditating on one's awareness of their body); 2) Robert Bruce's "Energy Work"; 3) "The Holographic Universe".

Mike, I have to thank you for this blog. I first heard of your experiences through your interview with Anne Strieber. That led me to this blog. Syncronicities and interesting/important connections have come about for me, since finding this blog and many of the sites you've linked to.

But that badger, oh man, now I have that obnoxious earworm, Weebl's "Badger, Badger" song, going through my head. For some positives there has to be a negative, I suppose.

Delorus said...

Dear Mike, this interview was really interesting and as I have read animalspirit's messages many times on the unknown country blog, it was great to learn more about her. I enjoy how you do your asides and subjective reactions to your guest as well. I listen to almost all your audios and read your blog and many of your links as well. Diana is correct about the many people who resonate with your experiences- I am one of them. Thank you - Delorus

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Thanks for posting, Mike! Your blog always has such interesting journeys.