Saturday, February 13, 2010

UFO Disclosure Implications

The intricacies of a quandary in under four minutes.


Anonymous said...

I always find it odd that people assume the "government" is ahead of the rest of us when it comes to the mysteries of the universe. Since when has the government been competent at anything? I mean look around.

And if extraterrestrials are flying to Edwards Air Force base to meet with Eisenhower... then they ain't who they're supposed to be. They're just another bunch of jive-ass control freaks. Not my idea of evolution.

Regan Lee said...

Hi Mike, that was great, I love the hand gestures and the line about a "handsome English actor landing .. with a deep voice" or whatever that was. Funny!

My own thoughts on the Disclosure movement; it is naive to think the government will tell us all. I have no doubt that the government knows all kinds of stuff; that's not in question. I just don't think the gov. will ever release anything that will solve the issue once and for all. Never. And what of other governments and their agendas? How does that fit in with the big picture? We don't live in a vacuum.

Richard said...

Very nicely done! I think you captured the two basic sides of the debate -- at least among those of us who believe there is a coverup in the first place. I sympathize with both sides, as both have a valid point of view. I've come to feel "disclosure" by any government will be as partial as they can get away with, but that ultimately, the truth WILL out. I think it's inevitable.
Richard Dolan

Anonymous said...

Disclosure is already happening. Don't wait for the government to tell you. It's already here.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Whoa... so weird to see Brad going bald and with a moustache... and Lilly as a man!

PS: To clarify myself, the thing is that I had been following this other blog where the guy uses the same xtranormal software to make funny video clips; and it's kind of funky to see you using not only the same software, but also the same environment and almost the same characters as that other site. More of the good ole 'Hidden Experience' synchronicity huh? ;)

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Good one!

Yurislara said...

Concerning what you've written, so very well, about your dreams and such, I have a question.

What do you think of dreams over successive nights of strangers in the home? I mean, in the dreams I wake up and start my daily routine and when I enter another room like the living room or kitchen there are people there living and doing everyday things like waking up or eating.

The first time I had this dream, I reacted in the dream by asking the intruders what they're doing there or feeling that they are robbers and then I try to call the police. But the strangers start to talk to me and tell me that they live there too and that there's nothing strange about their presence.

In the dream, I acquiesce, sit down with them and eat or whatever activity they are doing. However, I still watch them and distrust them even though they've told me that they belong there.

These dreams are not too frightening but disturbing nonetheless. What are your perceptions of these sorts of dreams?

I'm grateful for any insight you might have.

Christopher Knowles said...

Excellent video.

If the government ever discloses anything, it will only be because they absolutely have to. Anything real, I mean.

Anonymous said...

"If the government ever discloses anything, it will only be because they absolutely have to."

Exactly. And if they ever "disclose" anything it will be because we all already know. That's how they operate. Like John Edwards admitting he is the father of a love-child. Well, no shit. Nice of you to be so forthcoming.

Mike Clelland! said...

A little insight into this weird little video, I made it myself using an on-line service.

That corny stilted text to audio makes me laugh. At first, I did some overt jokes in the script, but they didn’t work, the awkward “dry” commentary was a lot funnier. I tried to paraphrase real quotes, and be as bland as possible.

I posted it on the PARACAST forum, thinking that folks would find it funny. Not so. Someone asked: “Is this serious??” - - - - I don’t really feel it’s my place to chime in and say OF COURSE NOT - IT’S A JOKE!

It was enormously fun to make, surprisingly easy and I LOVED that I could add that “excited” gesture when the one guy sez: “it may happen tomorrow!” Also - the guy with the deep voice looks a lot like ME! (I have a sqeeky voice)

There is obviously some editorializing in it, the line: “I too am passionate about finding the truth…” This jives with my personal view. There are people out there trying to lobby the government to disclose UFO secrets, this (to me) is a dead end. I am all for people doing real-deal research, and making their findings known, that will have a bigger impact. I am certain the "government" knows "something" but what that is? I simply don't truly know.

Anyway - I thought that this little film was - well - funny.

Mike C!

Red Hector said...

Hello Mike - I absolutely love your blog and I have been reading it in a non linear way ever since the UC interview..

This video was just perfect the way it hit they say, virtual characters seem to get more of people's attention and respect than videos of real people, which only makes it funnier. The contrasting views expressed resonate with many of us.

You inspired me to go make some of my own on 911 and hidden technology. It was a lot of fun, so thanks for that too...Troy/Red Hector

Mike Clelland! said...

Just so you all know - Red Hector is a genius.