Friday, July 31, 2009

the universe answers my plea

I’m in the midst of a very curious event, and I’m posting it, right now, as it’s unfolding.

I’ve been searching for answers, and something that seems to provide some insight involves me sleeping out under the stars. I’ve been going out into the mountains, alone, with the sole intent of asking the Universe for help. Yes, I know this sounds corny, but please keep reading.

Before I fall asleep, I’ll lay in my sleeping bag and I’ll ask out loud. I do this periodically, and I almost always get some sort of curious reply. It started in the form of VERY vivid dreams, and some are posted on this blog. Sometimes I’ll wake up, no dreams, nothing curious at all, but before noon I’ll find some other synchronistic event that seems to match my questioning. This post about the neuron-like nature of the internet is a good example, and it adds a deeper layer to this story.

Lately, I’ve been bringing a tiny hand held voice recorder. I’ll sit in my sleeping bag and record my appeal to the Universe. If I have a vivid dream in the night, I can record it as soon as I wake up.

Two days ago (Wed. July 29th) I hiked into the Tetons alone, I live close by, and I can get in quick. I just walk until it gets dark, and then I set up my sleeping bag. I know the weather around here, and I rarely set up a shelter.

Recently (and its an ongoing theme in this blog) I have been feeling lost and adrift. I’ve been trying to articulate my insecurities about what I’m dealing with, and it’s implications. It’s created a form of fatigue that is oppressive and confusing, and I’m tired of it. I want some answers.

As I hiked into the mountains on Wednesday afternoon, I rehearsed my speech, my appeal. I did this out loud. Is this prayer? I guess, maybe.

I feel comfortable hiking off-trail, and at about 10,000 feet this gets easy, you come out above tree-line and the terrain is open and lovely. I picked a direction (east) and just kept going, the sun was setting as I found an area just big enough to set my sleeping bag down. A little ledge of sorts, tucked in next to a little sub-alpine fir. There was a trickling spring nearby, and I was provided with a spectacular view of a canyon that sees visitors only rarely. I was perched above it, on a small platform of granite, watching the sun setting (in a blaze of orange) and the half moon rising. It was about 9:30 when I found my home for the night.

I ate a little something, I brushed my teeth, arranged my pad and climbed into my sleeping bag. Before zipping myself in, I spoke into my little digital audio recorder.
Here’s the audio of my plea:

Yes, I recognize how perfectly mushy and New-Agey I sound. But this exactly reflects my deepest feeling, right then. 1 minute, 34 seconds.

I woke up the next morning just a little before dawn. No dreams, nothing. I packed up my gear and kept going up in the calm blue-gray of the pre-dawn light. I hiked along a really pretty ridge system as the sun came up, climbed a nice peak, and then turned around, heading west, and made my way (off trail) back to my car. I got to the parking lot at about noon, and back to my house at about 1:PM.

I open my email account and my heart literally stops.

There, on my screen, was a Facebook friend request from Mike Lewis (a pseudonym for privacy).

Okay - let me fill you in, Mike Lewis was with me in 1974 as we walked home on a friday night from a high school football game. If my memory is correct, at about 9:30 in the evening, we saw a strange orange flash in the sky, and I arrived home at about 11:30. Together, as best as I can figure, we experienced about 2 hours of missing time. (see this posting for more details).

I have been searching for Mike Lewis for the last three years. Unfortunately, I’ve found a large number of folks with this very common name, but I’ve been to scared to follow up and try to contact him. The last time we saw each other was probably high school graduation in 1980, that’s 29 years ago.

The time of the incoming email from Mike Lewis was 9:38 PM, pretty close to the same time I spoke my emotional plea into that little recorder from my sleeping bag. I ask the Universe for help and it answers me.

This is a repeat of the single most important story on this blog. Please read the events surrounding Cindy Gail, and her reappearance in my life.

The orange Flash and missing time took place in Cindy Gail front yard. The Facebook friend request. The exactness of the time. And both are an overt answer to a deep need in me.

Okay - as I write this I am a little bit freaked-out. Why can’t this feel peaceful and fun? Instead it’s welling up as a stifling quandary.

My next task as a human on planet earth is to “confirm this friend request.” But I’m frozen and scared.

More soon.

Added text on Sept. 3rd 2009
I have replied to the friend request from Mike Lewis. I even had a film crew in the room as I sent the note. Since that point, we've sent a few short notes back and forth. Just pleasantries. There will be a day when I ask him about that night in 1974, but it hasn't happened yet.

Added text on Jan. 16th 2010
I've just posted a dream where Mike Lewis makes a very curious appearance.


Isabel Aven and Sylvia Harper said...

wow mike. hard to know how to respond. it inspires awe and maybe some fear too. keep us posted please...

Red Pill Junkie said...

I gotta get me one of them voice recorders! :)

BTW, did you take that picture of the mountains? It's so beautiful I'm setting it as my desktop image right now. At first I thought it was one of Gurdjieff's paintings (which are inexplicably difficult to find on the web, I might add).

Mac said...

Very interesting. Keep us posted.

Christopher Knowles said...

Oh man, you have to click that button. To do otherwise would be profoundly ungrateful.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Red Pill Junkie:

I took that picture. I tweaked the color a little bit on photoshop. The sky color is NOT how it looks in the original photo. It's of the Tetons, but it's not where I slept on Wed night. That said, it's similar terrain.

- and -

Reply to Chris:

Yes. I will contact him. I am nervous and worried. I gotta find a nice way to ask him about the events of 1974 without coming across as a weirdo.

Anonymous said...

~ Lucretia here:

A nice synchronicity for certain!

Your plea didn't sound New Agey to me (and, believe me, I would know-- I've had plenty of contact with those types of people, given my history!) just frankly needing something and asking for it.

How to ask about that fateful day without sounding like a weirdo-? Well, to begin with, you need to let go of your fear of being judged so much. If it helps, just remember your friend Mike might be thinking about and wondering the same thing. Maybe it always bugged him. It sounds like to begin with, he remembered MORE than you, so chances are he's afraid you'll judge him. Maybe he contacted you because he's haunted, too. Anything's possible.

As for how to ask-- just mention that you remember one weird night, and it's always bugged you. Then pause and say, "You know which night I'm talking about?" Don't elaborate. See if he jumps on it. If not- if he asks which night- give a couple of details (the more general the better) and then wait again. You want proof for yourself that something happened, and a witness who can back your memory (what you have, anyways) is a piece of that, apparently.

But, to be polite, before you question him, let him know how you are in general and ask about his life as well. Maybe he'll bring it up first. Maybe he had more than one bizarre experience himself. (I've noticed that chance abductions- people that are friends or spouses of abductees and just picked up rather than 'paused' are often subsequently added to the Program. Whatever it is...)

Quanta said...

Hearing you speak to the cosmos - wow, I am honoured that you have shared this moment! Your need, so vulnerable yet so adamant in its expression - let's just say it's a combination I believe will serve you well. And your gratitude - divine! The revelation of your supplication (I'm not trying to be poetic, by the way) is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like you got the answer you were looking for. The ball's in your court now partner.

Funnily enough, Mike Lewis is the name of a good friend of mine.

PS-- How lucky are you to have the Grand Tetons as your playground?

Kelli Belli said...

I was just laying here in bed feeling overwhelmed, or lost...or maybe both. My mind was racing and I was coming up short on answers once again. I have "put my questions out to the universe" many times from my starry back patio here in Georgia, but have yet to recognize any solid answers...Nudges maybe, but nothing wholly profound. Tonight, since we're having flooding rain outside and it's nearly 1am, I decided to stay in bed and put my question out into the Internet. This seems far off track from anything spiritual, but maybe it would be enough for a laugh. I did a Google search for, "answer from the universe right now." I didn't even bother to ask for something specific...just AN answer. Sure enough, I found your article and it IS an's a reminder that I do my best thinking, I get my best answers, and I feel most spiritually connected sleeping outside under the stars. It's something I haven't done in 7 years. Amazing. There is also another correlation there but I won't get into personal life struggles...but also realizing the significance of why it's been so long since I have done something I feel the need to do almost as much as drink water? That's profound. The answers are under the stars, on the ground, behind closed eyes and a resting mind. I've got to go find it...or maybe I already have. Thank you.