Thursday, September 12, 2013

the stare of the owl (again)

Great Horned Owl
I posted this story once before, but I'm linking to it again. Ken Bakeman has had a wealth of extremely bizarre experiences, so much so that I'm truly challenged fitting them into my head. But his story about an owl landing on the spare tire of his VW micro-bus and staring at him is particularly bizarre.

He tells his very weird story HERE

At the end of the post he sums up his experience by saying something important, something I can very much relate to.

My point here is that ... it surely seems extremely 'trippy', even by my own standards which are rather generous. In fact, I was embarrassed to post this account because of the obviously absurd and, by 'normal' standards, impossible nature of it. But in my opinion it is exactly the case that by withholding and suppressing memories of strange occurrences—no matter how extreme they appear—that consensus reality is maintained, continuing to lock human consciousness into a very constrained ontological cage.
—Ken Bakeman, 2013


Anonymous said...

Hey, Mike!

On this note I wish to share this with you:

If this is already 'old news' or in any way inappropriate, I apologize.


Undine said...

Curious coincidence: I'm currently reading the memoirs of Ulysses S Grant's oldest grandchild, Julia Grant Cantacuzene. She married a Russian prince, and had to flee that country during the Revolution.

When describing her adventures in getting out of Russia, she made a point of noting that she kept a small carving of an owl with her at all times. She made it clear that she believed the owl is what saved her, although she didn't really explain why this was the case.

Owls are generally seen in a rather sinister light, but I suppose this story shows they can also be benevolent spirits.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

" Bernardo Peixoto, a shaman of the Brazilian Ipixuma tribe, gained a PhD, qualified as an anthropologist, and held a teaching post during the 1990s at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC.63 He is, in addition, a UFO abductee, and identifies the sinister small-bodied, large-eyed beings usually known in the West as “Grays” with spirits that the Ipixuma call the ikuyas. Remembering his childhood in the Amazon, he told John Mack about an occasion during a tribal ceremony when the figure of an owl was seen perching at the top of a tree. The elders chanted, “Ikuya! Ikuya! Ikuya! ” Bernardo asked them why they thought the creature was an ikuya and not simply an owl: They said that, because they were in a trance, they could see light and force around the owl, which told them it was a humanoid in disguise. Also when they shoot arrows at the ikuyas disguised as owls, the arrows seem to pass through them without killing them." From Graham Hancock's book "Supernatural".

Mike Clelland! said...


Thanks for this!

I have SUPERNATURAL but haven't read it yet. The term "owl" doesn't show up in the index, so I haven't found much in there about owls.

Have you read the book?

Please lemme know:

Mike C

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just read Ken Bakeman's "Stare of the Owl." I'm not sure what the take-away is. I realize that it is a four part story, and he has only given us Part I of what he says is a "rather sweeping" experience full of bizarre phenomena.

I read a lot of stories like these. And although there are many claims in his narrative that what he is relaying to his readers is "abnormal," I really don't find it that abnormal and I can actually relate to a lot of it. The way he describes it sounds a lot like the way I would describe periods of my life in which I was having extreme breaks from reality.

It definitely is strange, but I don't really see the point of it. I'd be curious to see if he has anything useful to share with the rest of us, but like so many other stories such as this one, sounds like a lot of navel-gazing to me.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

@Mike C
I'm halfway through the book so far and loving it.
Not that I think I could do an ayahuasca journey,as vomiting nearly kills me and I fear I would possibly choke to death if I tried it.
The owl references can be found near the owl images in this link -

and this you tube of his kind of sums up what he is saying -

Not that I agree with everything Graham says,but I do think he is doing some great work here.
He seems to think that the shaman,alien and fairy phenomena is all real and exist outside of the experiencer,but he doesn't seem to think aliens are "nuts and bolts" types of beings,but he believes they are real and apart from our own brains.