Saturday, November 5, 2011

Audio conversation with Jeff Kripal

My new favorite book!

The book MUTANTS AND MYSTICS explores the how comic books and science fiction are somehow intertwined with profound mystical experiences, including the UFO contact lore. This is the kinda stuff that gets my attention!

Jeffrey J. Kripal holds the J. Newton Rayzor Chair in Philosophy and Religious Thought at Rice University, where he is also the Chair of the Department of Religious Studies. He is the author of a series of books with a religious focus, including his most recent, Mutants and Mystics (subtitled: Science Fiction Superhero Comics, and the Paranormal), and Authors of the Impossible (subtitled: The Paranormal and the Sacred). These two books are the what we discuss during this interview.

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one hour / 20 minutes

Delving deeply into the work of major figures in the field—from Jack Kirby’s cosmic superhero sagas and Philip K. Dick’s futuristic head-trips to Alan Moore’s sex magic and Whitley Strieber’s communion with visitors, this book explores how creators turned to science fiction to convey the reality of the inexplicable and the paranormal they experienced in their lives. Expanded consciousness found its language in the metaphors of sci-fi and the incredible powers of the comic book super hero. From gnostic revelation to alien abduction, Kripal spins out a hidden history of American culture, rich with mythical themes and an awareness of the imaginal.

Here's an excerpt from MUTANTS AND MYSTICS.

We talk about UFOs, comic books, synchronicity, the Fatima event of 1917, Christopher Knowles, Whitley Strieber and owls.

Jeff also hosts a podcast series IMPOSSIBLE TALK where he explores the ideas in his two most recent books. And - Here's a recent appearance on Coast to Coast AM.

Here is a framed little tiny "X" on Jeff's wall. This is evidence of a deeply personal synchonicity, as well as the origin of his recent book!

Whitley Strieber has done an excellent interview with Jeff on his UNKNOWN COUNTRY site. It was posted on 11-11-11.


Laurence said...


I must say, this podcast is a keeper! If he is on again, wow, would be neat to find a away to have a facetime to you and / or ichat questions to you for Jeff and yourself.

The owl stories in my life, the ability to see animals way before anyone else does( foxes, coyotes, wolves,owls,deer) Jeff's use of koans for paranormal references points. So much comes up with a guest like this that is could be days to process out the data.

Second, the use of the word imaginal, is now for me a synchronistic event. I must remember to become aware again for these events.
( if you do not have facetime for your mac, it is 99 cents at the app store, I use it for tech calls to my clients done here in NM/CO ).

Finally, are you willing to deconstruct how you did your art work for Dan at luminosity? The car and floating object piece.

Do you sketch then scan in or is it all a digital workflow for you now.

Thanks for doing this.

Be well


p.s. would love to see more of your work online. Do you have a gallery link?

Laurence said...

To top it off, here is a link to a discussion today on Christianity and sci fi:

Christianity and Sci Fi


Red Pill Junkie said...

What an enjoyable interview. I'm sure that I'll re-listen to it several times this week, as well as checking out Jeff's podcast list.

I like a lot the metaphor of UFOs as aerial Zen koans. It really resonates with my current views on the phenomenon as a chance for personal and collective growth.

I'm also grateful that as an adult I got to enjoy the acceptance of the geek culture in the mainstream. That wasn't the case when I was in my teens! ;)

Your interviewing chops have grown so much Mike, I think you're ready to interview Jacques Vallee :P

jk said...

Echoing above. Great podcast and via this am glad to find the site of Jeff Kripal and Scott Jones. Enjoying the listening over there.

Merlyn's Apprentice said...

I'm a little late to the party. I thought the UFO community was just looking to collect samples and debunk pictures. Little did i know that there are people out there who have both shared in my experience and have similar views. These interviews are priceless Mike! Huge thanks!