Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a line on a map

That little red push pin is marking Byron North Dakota, whatever that means. Follow that yellow line 820 miles and it ends at the mysterious owl location in central Missouri, bisecting Mac's apartment along the way. The blue line is even stranger.

Sometimes I worry that I’ve gone completely insane, and this posting is an example of the out-and-out weirdness that leaves me utterly perplexed. Perhaps the easiest conclusion is that I’m just plain nuts. (maybe) That said, this little story is very interesting, at least to me. There is a yellow line in these map images, and it's either magic or folly.

First, I need share some information that came from Anya Briggs during a channeled session in early November 2009. At one point in the session she asked, “Do you know of a place called Byron, it’s somewhere near you?” I said I’m not sure.

She went through some rather comical attempts to make sense of what her guides were trying to tell her. Eventually she narrowed it down to Byron North Dakota. Right then, during our session, I googled Byron North Dakota, and pretty much ONLY one thing came up, a funny map with a marker in the middle of some farmer's field, right near the Canadian border.

Anya went on to tell me that: “Byron North Dakota will be very good to you, you will see us there.” And by us, she meant her guides, and by her guides, I suspect she meant alien beings in robes from another planet (or another dimension).

We both thought it was really funny. I’m still not quite sure what to make of it, but it was interesting. I suspect I'll make a pilgrimage there soon enough.

(I've added an audio excerpt from that channeled session, it's helpful in fully understanding this story, and it's funny. See the following post)

Now, let’s jump ahead to yesterday. I got a package in the mail from Anomalist books, it contained a few copies of Mac Tonnies posthumous book The Cryptoterrestrials. It prompted me to write a post (below) in praise of this amazing addition to the UFO literature.

Photo by Faren Fite, one (two actually) of over 200 owls he saw in rural Missouri.

And yesterday I also received a link to a series of super cool owl photographs, and I wrote a post about that too (also below).

It seemed curious that the two posts below, both come from Missouri. Mac Tonnies lived in Kansas City, and those beautiful owl pictures were taken somewhere between Greenfield and Lockwood Missouri. At first I was curious if they were two locations were close, so I checked google maps and put little YELLOW push pin marker on Kansas City and another marker (a blue pin) on the road between Greenfield and Lockwood. I checked and the two push pins were 123 miles apart, and whenever I see the numbers 123, I take a special notice.

(NOTE: On March 26th I received a letter from the owl photographer. See THIS post for more info)

The yellow line passes between Lockwood and Greenfield along US-Highway 160. This is the approximate location of those amazing owl photos.

Now, this is where things get weird. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know. I just widened out the image on google maps and found Byron North Dakota, I used the map program and put a push pin in there too, a RED one.

Low tech tools incorporated in the detective work.

Then, without really thinking about it, I took a plastic ruler and set it against my computer monitor, and the three push pins line up EXACTLY in a straight line. I gotta say, this partially freaked me out, and at the same time, I sorta knew they were gunna line up before I even started.

A weird line, connecting the three dots across a BIG section of the US map. Byron in RED, Kansas City in YELLOW and those owls in BLUE.

I used some of the google-map tools to create a straight line on the map. It was funny process and hard to figure out. Alas, the line doesn’t quite precisely hit Byron, and I don’t really know the exact location of those owls. But I gotta say, it’s pretty feakin’ close!

There are 820 miles between the red push pin up North in Byron and blue push pin down in Greenfield Missouri, on the road where the owl pictures were taken, with that straight yellow line plainly bisecting Kansas City.

The hometown of my pal Mac, and the yellow line passes right through the city.

Three little dots on a map, all seemingly random, and I felt weirdly compelled to hold a ruler to my computer screen to figure it out. Again, don’t ask me why. I even set a protractor on my screen, and the line comes in at 17 degrees in relation to the latitude (and I knew that before hand too).

Owls, Mac Tonnies and message from Anya Briggs, all along one very straight line.

This whole thing is super weird, even by my standards. And during the time I was laboring over those maps, and trying to figure out how to position that line on the image, I get an email from Whitley Strieber. He writes: “Mike. we would love to interview you about him [Mac Tonnies] and your relationship.” What? I sure didn't expect that.

Earlier in the morning, I sent an email to Whitley telling him I thought he should read Mac’s book, and I could easily mail him a copy, but I didn’t really think I would get a reply, especially that reply. I’ll add I am not sure how serious he is, but if it happens, I would be deeply honored to praise Mac in an interview.

The spark of the idea to lay that plastic ruler against my computer screen came from Stace Tussel. I was directly inspired by her straight line on a map of Kansas. Please watch this very curious video.


David Stewart said...

Mike - I hope that interview with Whitley gets followed up - I will look forward to giving it an ear.
I was just checking for Mac's book when I also checked my blog feeds and saw your new post. But here's something a mite peculiar --- just yesterday I noticed I have two facebook friends who have husbands named Byron; an uncommon name and I stopped and thought, "now how weird is that?" So now you've spooked me!

Oh - and here is a video from the town of Byron Georgia
video link

David Stewart said...

And an encounter between an owl and
Byron California

Mike Clelland! said...

Dave, thanks for the cool links. The OWL and train wreck in Byron is very curious.

- Also -

If ANYONE out there can tell me what's up with Byron North Dakota - PLEASE - Lemme know. I'm baffled.

- AND -

If anyone wants more visual info from that google MAP, there is a way I can share the info. But you'll need to email me (my email address is easy to find on the bottom of the right side bar. I'll be happy to send you the link.The Map is interesting, and it's neat the way you can zoom in on stuff.

Mike Clelland! said...

Dave, thanks for the cool links. The OWL and train wreck in Byron is very curious.

- Also -

If ANYONE out there can tell me what's up with Byron North Dakota - PLEASE - Lemme know. I'm baffled.

- AND -

If anyone wants more visual info from that google MAP, there is a way I can share the info. But you'll need to email me (my email address is easy to find on the bottom of the right side bar. I'll be happy to send you the link.The Map is interesting, and it's neat the way you can zoom in on stuff.

Anya said...

I think you might not find this a coincidence either when I say that for about 3 or 4 weeks now, I've been seeing the number 123 all the time. Like, as in, all. The. Time.

Byron, Byron, Byron,


Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Anya,

Last week - When I was in Laugnlin at the UFO conference with Natascha. We were awoken by a LOUD knock at the door in the middle of the night. I'm not even sure if it was the door, but it sure woke us up.

The time? 1:23 AM

James said...

Read a review of Mac Tonnies book by Nick Redfern. A lot of good things to say about it... it sounds fascinating.

... if his speculation about an ancient race, in dwindling numbers now, but 'hiding out' so to speak, with powers beyond our technology, would they be arranging this rendezvous?

And if so... again per Mac via Redfern... manipulation is the name of the game... What would really be there agenda now? Do they still harbor hopes of replacing us..?

You know the image on the cover of his book looks like a cross between the Communion cover and David Bowie.

Mike Clelland! said...

Okay, things are getting weirder as I get all obsessed with this strange line.

I just laid a protractor on my computer screen, and the line on the map comes in at 17 degrees (Chris Knowles, what does it mean?)

Also, I tried to make a tidy Equilateral triangle (60 degrees at each corner), with all the sides being 820 miles long. I was curious if the western corner would end up near my home in Idaho, instead it ended up (roughly) near Vernal Utah. This is curiously close to the Sk*nwalker Ranch. I don't actually know it's location, but that's reported to be the closest town.



Red Pill Junkie said...

I too think the character in Mac's book looks a lot like the illegitimate offsrping of David Bowie & a succubus ;)

Quanta said...

Okay, this is kinda interesting...

I know I wrote to you a couple of days ago that Greenfields is my favourite place to play pool here in Denver....

Well today at work I called someone in "Greenfield, Wisconsin." I work on an automatic dialer so it wasn't by conscious choice that I called someone at this town. Anyway, of course it caught my attention. As long as I've been going to Greenfields in Denver and as long as I've been working at this incredibly boring job, I've never noticed a place name "Greenfield," in any state, at any time.

It's not the same Greenfield as the one in your post - but nonetheless the ruler exercise proved fruitful:

If you mapquest Byron, ND to Greenfield, WI, you can draw a straight line between the two places "as the owl flies," so to speak, and....the line skims just past Langdon, North Dakota and Thompson, North Dakota, places where I went into three crop circles during the summer of 2000. Langdon, ND is directly north of Langdon, KS, where I graduated from high school in 1984. I thought that in itself was a pretty cool synchronicity. Thompson is my great grandmother's maiden name - another cool synch.

(My story of those crop circle visits are on my website, at

But talk about odd...a place name called Greenfield in a totally different state than the one where the owl photos were taken, and still the ruler makes it clear that there's a connection - literally and figuratively.

Wonder what it could mean...?

Mike Clelland! said...

Quanta asks:
"Wonder what it could mean...?"

My reply:
That is the question that baffles me!

James said...

Well I have never heard of Byron, North Dakota. The news piece about the train disaster involving the Owl Limited (!?) is interesting and curious reading.

North Dakota has been the host for a variety of 'Fortean' events... I found this curious news item about a 'dogfight' with what seems to be an orb of some kind in the skies over Fargo back in 1948... here is a quote:

"He closed to within about l,000 yards to take a good look, later saying, “It was about six to eight inches in diameter, clear white, and completely round without fuzz at the edges."

The article can be found here.

I have to admit I do sometimes feel like referring some of these 'synchronicities' to the redoubtable Dr. Matrixbut alas he died in a strange duel some time ago.

Nevertheless I think something is going on here... what it is I havent the slightest clue. But your 'directions' etc remind me of some of the things John Keel described in his research. He came to mistrust these sources.

Anya said...

Just curious-- why are you implying that what I told you was a bad/negative thing, Mike? I don't know if it was or not, but just curious- they said YOU needed to go to Byron specifically, I don't recall the reading as saying just Natascha to Byron- I think she was Sedona. You were asked to go to Byron and there was something negative there or? I don't understand- there was an abduction/missing time scenario? I just don't understand why everything has to be negative- it said right in the reading that you should go to Byron and it would be a good thing, that you would "see us" there and you were gung ho to take a trip- when did it become dark and regressive? I get tired of all the people on this site who are convinced all the ETs are out to "get" us 100% of the time. If they were out to "get us", trust me on this one: they would.

--Speaking from someone who has fought off how many negative entities....I really wish more people would look into the abduction experience from a more nuanced place. Just because you are feeling fear doesn't mean they are bad. You are feeling fear. Miriam felt fear when she was taken on board the ship, but obviously they weren't regressive ETs, quite the contrary. I've felt fear at times when the beings were with me, but then I realized sometimes it was the vibrational frequency they give off- I asked them to "turn it down" and they would and the fear would go away. Some beings give off just a TREMENDOUS about of frequency and our bodies/minds sometimes get overwhelmed. If you ask them to turn it down, they will if they can- some can't.

Just sayin'.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Anya,

I just read thru my text on this post (about the line on the map) and I don't think I sound negative in a *fearful* way. I sure sound perplexed, because I am.

Also - I didn't imply that I would go with Anya. I said the "we" thought is was both funny. And by "we" I ment Anya and I, because we laughed about it during the session.

Pleas know - - - It is SO funny that you emailed me when you did. I was in the act of staring at my computer, tying to decide if I should go thru and edit our November session, where the whole thing about Byron North Dakota first emerged. I want to add that as a short excerpt, mostly because it was so funny and so giddy. I was feeling this sense of: "Oy. This post is complex, and it's needs to lighten up a little."

I'm gunna play audio editor and do it! That channeled bit of stuff about BYRON was fun.

I wrote:

"We (meaning Anya and I) both thought it was really funny. I’m still not quite sure what to make of it, but it was interesting. I suspect I'll make a pilgrimage there soon enough."

I didn't write it in this post, and I may not even have realized it until right now. But, the act of being told to visit Byron North Dakota (just a red dot on a map in a field) seemed so strange that it sort of receded back into my mind, it was fading away as something to pay attention to. Well, this line on the map pushed it right back into the forefront to pursue!

The good news - I am more at peace about this stuff than I have been in YEARS. (finally!)

Mike C!

Mike Clelland! said...

I dug a little deeper.

Byron is listed as a *township* in Cavalier County. There are 41 townships in Cavalier county, and if you google any of them, you end up with a curious marker positioned in some obscure field. There are less than 5,000 people in this agricultural county.,_North_Dakota