Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ketroversy and UFO's near Sedona

Here is one more very curious ingredient in this weird soup surrounding Sedona. The first hand story from the late Kent Daniel Bentkowski (creator of the Ketroversy Papers Blog) is remarkably weird, and I found it very relevant to some of the previous postings. The story elements include a guy born in 1962, a lonely road outside of Sedona Arizona and a UFO. He seems to fit into a shared pattern of folks my age with certain experiences. There's more, and it's well worth listening. Kent has a slow way of talking that I find absolutely hypnotic.

This audio features a 17 minute slightly edited excerpt from an interview with Adam Gorightly from his collection of on-line podcasts, Untamed Dimensions. The interview took place (strangely enough) almost two years to the day of this posting, March 6th, 2008.

My experience of the "Lamp Shade" dream and the Blue Orb is relevant to this audio clip below. It would be advisable to read this essay in conjunction to the issues in this post here. And also this post too, where there is another story about an odd experience near Sedona. Sorry if this information seems all jumbled up and overlapping, this stuff can be overwhelming and confusing.
audio download / 23 minutes long

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Is this Dondo?

There's more, and it's synchro-rific:
(added the evening of March 7th) Just minutes ago I hung up the phone after a 2 hour interview with Greg Bishop of Radio Mysterioso (more on that soon) and the ONLY question from a listener (via email) was: "What are your thoughts about Kent Daniel Bentkowski?" What? I almost dropped the phone! It was so weird to have someone ask me about Kent after I'd been finalizing this posting just minutes before starting the interview, and at that point it was still UN-posted!
There's even more, and it's synchro-LAME:
(added the morning of March 8th) Greg Bishop emailed me last night. It seems that the "listener" with a question above was Adam Gorightly, and he knew full well that I had been working on a post with audio from Kent, and the listening audience got to hear my already mumbly voice stammer in out-and-out stupification. I was at the receiving end of a childish prank! Let the world know, equally childish retaliation is in order.


Red Pill Junkie said...

Oh that Adam! ;)

Kent struck me as a very honest & down-to-earth individual. Also, in his Arizona trip, there was once again a woman who acted as a 'channel'.

Also, reading about these vortexes in Sedona, are there any of those near the place in the woods where you guys stopped on your way to Laughlin?

Mike Clelland! said...

RPJ - Good question about the "vortex" location. I have no idea. There are plenty of groovy senedonians that could answer that. I'll need to search that out. Although I am cautious to take the "vortex" subject too literally.

And - Good catch about the woman telling Kent to pull over. That means ALL THREE of these funny stories have a woman in the role of "instigator" of sorts.

Kent's story is so interesting. I need to try and locate someone from that car, it just too curious to ignore. (I doubt it was the same area, he talks about pulling off at a "rest stop" and that does NOT match the location on the map with Natascha & John Smith.

James said...

Hmmm... I've been playing catch-up. I can't keep up with everything going on. And Larissa.. I drop by her place (online..) off and on. I dont think she and I are quite in the same world. Well maybe that could be said of you and me too.

Of course I always find myself standing back in some way, trying to find another perspective but rarely successful. I have wondered, thinking about your experiences, and Larissa's as well, are they leading up to something?

Will Larissa one of these days walk thru one of those doorway paintings by her husband and just disappear... or simply stumble into one by mistake?

Or conversely there is no leading up to anything. This is it. The experiences continue. Strange and stranger. Sometimes it seems like you are leading a double life. But you dont go your separate ways. You stay joined like siamese twins.

And Larissa's communications continue. Never anything so solid as perhaps an artifact from another dimension. Always short of that. But with enough substance to let you know this isnt some cosmological joke. Something more meaningful, more ambiguous, and stranger than you can imagine is going on, a mystery fit for us humans..?

You never find out whats going on... and carry most of the things you learn with you, to the other shore. We wait for a sign. Another blue orb.

chirish said...

lots to think about as usual with your posts. kent was very matter-of-fact about his whole experience: but the clincher was his little boy's story. things are just getting curiouser and curiouser. wish i knew the answers too.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I'm in Arizona and my hot tub is outside. I see strange things in the sky ALL THE TIME.

Great post and blog.

Brizdaz said...

I loved Kent Daniel Bentkowski's blog and would drop in,read and listen,all the time,when he was still alive.I never knew about the UFO sighting though.
He was a brave and truth-seeking soul,and will be missed by many.
For those who never heard of him,I would encourage you to have a look at his old blog,because there is much food for thought there.