Saturday, March 24, 2018

Audio chapters from Stories from The Messengers

now available in paperback and Kindle, 
soon in audio format!
I have been posting chapters of the upcoming audio book as a way to promote it before its publication on audible. I have just added a new chapter (below), one of the longest in the book, about 47 minutes.  I plan on adding a few more soon. Alas, I will probably take some of these down after the audio book becomes available, and that is a ways off yet.

Chapter 14 - The Owl and the White Buffalo
New chapter available as of March 24th 2016. Also linked HERE.

Chapter 13 - Between Two Bridges
This chapter is also linked HERE.

Chapter 10 - Adrienne and Owls
This chapter is also linked HERE.

Chapter 17 - Owls and Gratitude (part 1)
This reading features my very deep voice. I had a cold and I sound amazing! Sadly, I will need to re-record this for the final book project so everything matches. Bummer! Also linked HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Mike continuing with your owl motif. Have you read Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughter house five?

From Page 95 before the protagonist of the story is kidnapped by the UFO.

"Overhead he heard the cry of what might have been a melodious owl. It was a flying saucer from Tralfamdore."

If you have discussed this before forgive me. If not here we go with the OWL again.