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Barbara Lamb and the formation of a crop circle

Author, researcher, therapist, and experiencer, Barbara Lamb

This is a video of Barbara Lamb telling a remarkable personal experience of being taken on board a round craft for the making of a crop circle. Initially I thought this was the same story that was covered on page 151 in The Messengers. It wasn't, but the similarities are striking.

I felt I should point this out to the fellow who posted the video because I had recently sent him a copy of my book. 

I was doing three things at once: watching the video with Barbara, texting the fellow on Facebook, and at the same time searching a document of my book to find the relevant sub-chapter. 

When I found the headline I wanted, I highlighted it and hit command+cut just as Barbara spoke the words: "August 10th."

Here is what I had cut: August 10th and three crop circle events 
My grabbing that line of text and hearing the identical spoken words were simultaneous. This gave me the chills—the exactness of it kind of freaked me out!  
I sent the fellow a message, “Holy crap - weird sync AS I TYPED this!”

There is a blog post from 2013 titled: August 10th, crop circles and owls. This tells the same story (a bit more completely) than the abbreviated version in the book. That online essay tells of three separate crop circle events taking place on August 10th of different years, all relating to myself, owls—or both. 

One of the stories was from August 10th 2013. A friend of mine was in southern England on a crop circle tour and on the afternoon of August 9th, the entire crew of “croppies” all meditated for the appearance of a crop circle. She woke up at four the next morning and while lying in bed formally asked to be taken to see a crop circle being formed. Moments later she felt a weird rotating sensation, had an out-of-body experience, then blacked out. 

Later that morning they learned that a crop circle had appeared nearby. The whole crew went to the site together, referred to as the Chute Causeway formation. She describes standing in that circle as one of the most profoundly mystical experiences of her life.

There is even an owl in this account, read about it HERE.

What wasn't included in either the post or the book was that at the time, my friend was sharing a room in a traditional English Bed and Breakfast with Barbara Lamb. 
Months later she had a hypnotic regression with Barbara to explore this experience, specifically to explore what might have happened the morning she asked to be taken to see a crop circle being formed. I have read a transcription of this hypnosis session, and she describes being on board a small craft and looking down onto what she feels is the same field as where the formation appeared. She also had the strong sense that Barbara was in that craft with her, although she doesn't remember seeing her.
13 Moons formation, August 1994
At the 9:50 time count in the video, Barbara says the date, "In August about 10th or 11th of 1994." In her 2001 book Crop Circles Revealed co-authored by Judith K. Moore, Barbara refers to this design as the "Thirteen Moons." This was an era before the online cataloging of circles, so there isn't much about this design. The dates of this formation vary; one source says August 14, and the only other one I could find mentions August 8.

One more odd detail. I first watched the video on Sunday March 5, seemingly minutes after it was posted on YouTube. A long stretch of the audio was out of sync in that initial posting (now corrected) making it a bit jarring to watch. It fixed itself right before Barbara says: "August 10th." So we have an audio sync and cosmic sync side by side!
Audio interview with Barbara Lamb—linked HERE       
Previous posting: August 10th, crop circles and owls—linked HERE

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Dan said...

You really want to go and watch the CFZ video by Matthew Williams on crop circles before weighing in on the topic. If you do, you'll start to see a remarkable series of synchronicities regarding where they are placed.

For instance, a crop circle never forms more than a mile or so from a village of fewer than a few hundred people, and never if there is a major natural barrier between such a village and the site of the circle.

Crop circles never form on the Salisbury Plain military zone. Not at all, ever.

Crop circles almost never form in the warplands of Humberside, nor on the barley baron lands of Norfolk, nor indeed anywhere that they cannot be seen from afar.

There is one very, very good reason for this: crop circles are made by people. Crop circles are made to be seen, so usually are placed where they can be seen (hence not in the sparsely-populated Humberside area.

To make a circle, circle-makers have to get to the site of operations. They do this by parking their car(s) in the nearest village that is big enough that the locals don't all know each others' cars; this means a village of over a hundred families and a car that is fairly nondescript. This also precludes anywhere outside Wiltshire, because there are fewer suitable villages in other places. I might add that a car parked out in the middle of nowhere might as well have a sign on it reading "Report this car to the police immediately".

Crop circles never form on Salisbury Plain, which might otherwise be a wonderful site for them, because the military are jealous of their rights on the area and have lots of very nice night vision equipment and an incentive to use it. Being hunted by Apache helicopters is most unpleasant, especially when it turns out that "Them" were also in the vicinity, unsuspected until it was far too late.

Crop circles are made by people, entirely by people, and anyone who says any different is deluded, lying or both.