Thursday, March 24, 2011

owl stories

Lilitu With Owls

People send me their owl stories. It's one of the very curious by-products of this blog. The stuff that fills my in-box is fascinating in the extreme. If any readers have any odd experiences with owls, please send 'em to me, I feel a responsibility to play the role of archivist.

hiddenexperience [the "at" symbol]

And, plenty of folks have been posting their own stories on their own blogs, like THIS. And THIS, and THIS, and THIS, and THIS!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

audio reading of LUMINOSITY essay

Super moon from Saturday night, March 19th

This morning I read a blog posting from Dan Mitchell at LUMINOSITY. The events shared in that post absolutly amazed me. As I was reading, I felt totally compelled to record it as an audio essay. So I did.
One-click download HERE.
27 minutes long

The essay is titled Approaching the Post Human Self, and it describes his first-person experiences the night of the super moon. I created my own post this morning (BELOW) as a shout-out.

I can link the audio-files two ways. One way is with the BLUE text hyperlink (above) and the other way with this little "player" (below). Any thoughts? Please lemme know.

powerful blog post on LUMINOSITY

Bronze statue of Minerva with a rather cute owl

Dan Mitchell posted a profoundly intense essay early this morning. Below is a short excerpt from the fascinating post.

"Within moments of looking at this light I found myself no longer standing in my backyard, but in a large open room. Whether I was taken on board some kind of aerial craft, I cannot say for certain. What I will say is that the experience at this point became more real than my own waking conscious is capable of perceiving even on my sharpest days. In other words, I was more conscious than I normally am, and I was in a room that had clearer and sharper angles than anything I had ever seen in my life.

It was almost as if I had left the human sphere entirely and entered into a place that was more real than this world. I felt unimaginably well although I felt puzzled at the same time. This part of the experience leads me to believe I was neither in or out of body, which really makes no sense."

This post was preceded with a premonition post, on the eve of the Super Moon. That essay included a statue of Minerva, goddess of wisdom and magic, with her ever-present owl companion.
The events shared in this post absolutly amazed me. As I was reading, I felt totally compelled to record it as an audio essay. So I did.

  One-click download HERE.  
27 minutes long
Also - The Romans celebrated Minerva in a festival from March 19 to March 23.

Monday, March 21, 2011

very cute owl image

Close up image of the return address label from Mac Tonnies' mother.

While at the post office today, I received a book from Mac Tonnies' personal library. It was sent to me by Mac's mother, and I am deeply touched by the sentiment. The book is The Life and Times of R. Crumb, it's a collection of essays by his contemporaries. And the envelope came complete with a cute owl image.

When I got home (minutes ago) I had an email from Mac's mom waiting for me in my inbox. It tells of a documentary film maker who is working to put together a collection of stories about Mac, where people who knew him would share their memories. Basically, a collection of essays by his contemporaries.

My final email to Mac was from a bookstore in Moab Utah. I had just purchased, at Mac's recommendation, a big book by R. Crumb and I sent him a little note to tell him that I now owned the book. It was the entire Book of Genesis from the bible in a comic book format.

Mac and I were both huge fans of R. Crumb, and I made sure to embrace that inky scratchy look as I worked on the illustrations for his book THE CRYPTOTERRESTRIALS. I told him that was how I wanted the drawings to look, lots of black ink in an overtly Crumb-like style, he enthusiastically agreed.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a comrade in blogging

I've connected with a comrade in this on-ling blogging thing. Arvin from Texas has a blog of first person musings titled SKYWARD.

He wrote:
"I began investigating UFO phenomena in 2008, primarily by analyzing eyewitness accounts and photographs. High strangeness ensued."

That sorta matches my experience, in a way that seems more than a little bit uncanny. Plus, he's a better writer than I'll ever be, so he joins the ranks of my blogging sisters, Lucretia Heart and Stace. And Dan at LUMINSITY.

Dare I say he fit's into a ever expanding crew of people that are part of a Shared Pattern. More on this at some point soon.

Monday, March 14, 2011

a premonition in a dream

I had a long phone conversation with a friend, who claims ongoing contact experiences. The caller was upset about the horrendous events in Japan, stating that this was foreshadowed by a premonition in a vivid dream. This person saw a visual projection, written out, that stated March 11 - 11 - 11. Followed by May 15 - 17 - 19.

Not sure what this might mean, but I felt the pull to post these dates.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

audio conversation with Nick Redfern on the ETH

Author, paranormal researcher and Ramones fan.

The acronym ETH stands for Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis, and it's long been the mainstay of how we look at the UFO phenomenon. The easy way to wrap your head around the whole flying saucer thing is to simply declare that this mystery has it's home in outer space. But, there is something much more bizarre going on here, and the ETH falls apart if you really look at it. As Nick says, it's not just that it's weird, it's TOO weird.

One-click download HERE.
two hours and two minutes long
Nick is the author of a long list of books on the paranormal (way too long to list here) and during our conversation I worked to get any insights he may have synthesized from his years of research. The results are far-reaching and engaging.

The topics include the limitations of the ETH, abduction research, synchronicities, Bigfoot, the internet as a sentient consciousness, Mac Tonnies, Hammer Films and Johnny Ramone.

And here's our previous interview (from sept of 2010) where Nick talks about his book FINAL EVENTS. As an aside, this is the single most popular post ever on this site. More on Nick HERE.

Friday, March 11, 2011

the red orb

I found this story (lined below) VERY interesting. It is about a red orb from 1974, and a curious party 28 years later.

View Chris Holly's fascinating essay HERE.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Joe Montaldo interviewed on another podcast

Dedicated readers of this blog who have attempted to listen to this podcast were concerned their head's would explode (just so y'know)

I am cautiously recommending a podcast called Indigo Children Radio. This show features a two-hour interview with Joe Montaldo on the subject of Alien Contact. You'll get to hear Joe make some claims that may or may not be true, but the tenor of the conversation is none the less fascinating. Proceed with caution.

One-click download HERE.

I have strong opinions about Joe Montaldo. He is a very forthright dude, and he says a lot of stuff with such intense conviction that I am more than a little bit cautious about how much to take in as fact.

But, sometimes I end up listening to him - and if nothing else, I find his conclusions are interesting.

Joe has a way of stating things as fact, with such absolute certainty, that it leaves me wary. There is a line between opinion and fact, and he will state things so conclusively that I am forced to listen with great vigilance.

That said, I feel like he is speaking from some sort of well of experience, so I pay attention. I'll also add that Joe is 48 years old, just like me.

Here's a short bio (LINK), and here's the ICAR homepage (LINK).

Now I'm gunna editorialize:
I have my own website, and I do my own podcasts. I was an art director for over a decade, and I feel strongly that no one is going to pay attention if your presentation is sloppy. Joe, your ICAR website is poorly set up in a way that leaves me annoyed. Simply trying to view the content can be confusing. And, much of your audio podcast series has such poor sound quality that I simply can't listen to (some) of the shows, even if I am truly interested in what the guest has to say. This is my public challenge: Please Joe, I encourage you to improve the standard of your web-presence.


Follow up:
I just did a proper interview with Joe (on June 5th, linked HERE) and it was really great to talk to the guy. I'm impressed with his dedication, and there is a LOT of really strong information in that three-hour long podcast.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

one year ago today

28 short eared owls on a fence in Missouri. Very eerie photo by Faren Fite, double click on the image for a HI-rez view.
It was one year ago today that I recieved Mac Tonnies' book in the mail.

This was the same day I was sent a link to a series of still photos featuring a very unusual cluster of owls on a fence in Misourri. These two seemingly unrelated events were the opening salvo in an onslought of overt weirdness that almost drove me into madness.

These were the seeds to a series of postings all under the rather bland label: MAP.

Just so y'know, there will be a day when I follow up on this mysterious jumble of tangled clues, more for me than any reader of this blog.

Below is a short note I found in my files, written to myself almost a year ago:

On the afternoon of March 12th I was trying to deal with the google maps program and create some more exacting lines. During this somewhat compulsive work, the phone rang, and it was Mac Tonnies’ mother. It was a very touching conversation, she called to thank me for the illustrations in the book. We spoke for almost an hour, and she shared a lot about her son. After saying goodbye, I was absolutely filled with gratitude.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jacques Vallee & Mac Tonnies share their insights

The video above is from a recent conference in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. This was a meeting of the world's elite called the Global Competitiveness Forum 2011. It's interesting to contemplate that there was a level-headed discussion about UFO contact at a forum attended by the planets most influential power brokers. The implications might be that these evil controllers wanna be a few chess moves ahead of the unwashed minions concerning these unknown things in the sky.

Also speaking on the same topic were Stanton Friedman, Nick Pope and Michio Kaku. (similar videos linked by clicking on each name)

Below is a clip of the late Mac Tonnies, where he sums up the same set of issues in a mere 33 seconds.

the world is a lesser place without him

Monday, March 7, 2011

bright orb seen by Natascha

The red marker is the location of the campsite, and the blue marker shows where Natascha encountered the bright orb. These two points are approximately 1,500 feet apart. Google maps image, double-click for HI-Rez view.

This is a report of something highly unusual. In the very early morning hours of March 3rd, I was sleeping out under the stars with my pal Natascha. We were both lying in the desert sand in a very isolated corner of southern Utah.

We had been to the multi-day UFO conference in Phoenix, and we were taking the scenic route to my home in Idaho. We had been driving and hiking throughout the day, and we set out our sleeping bags just a little bit after sunset. Instead of getting a hotel room, we chose to camp just off the (very beautiful) Burr Trail Road, about 8 miles east of the little town of Boulder Utah. The map of Utah (below) shows our location with a blue marker.

Natascha had recently arrived from Germany, and she was still feeling jet-lagged, so she couldn’t sleep. She got up out of her sleeping bag at about 2:AM, and tried to do some work on her computer in the front seat of the car.

After a while, she felt cold and took a walk on the road with just the stars for light. This is a very narrow road with almost zero traffic, especially during these early morning hours.

I’ll add that during this time I simply lay in my warm sleeping bag near the car.

Here is her (slightly edited) description of the curious events that followed:

I woke up, thinking it might be about 4:AM (it wasn't, it must have been 2:15 or so). Mike didn't want to get up yet, but I was wide awake. I spent some time looking up at the stars and although I felt nice and warm in my sleeping bag, I just couldn't go back to sleep again.

I finally decided to get up to sit in the car and work on the computer for a while.

It was still quite early (approx 3:30) when I went back to Mike, complaining that I'm cold. He said, he won't get up before the sunrise and that I could go for a walk. I said: "I will get lost in the darkness." He said: "There is the road you could take."

So I went for a walk on the road. It felt good to move. I didn't use my headlamp, the ambient light from the stars was enough. After a short time my eyes adapted to the darkness and I could see where I was walking. The road went uphill towards a huge rock feature. I enjoyed walking in the stillness, there was a dark beauty to my surroundings.

But there was more, I could sense something, almost like a buzz in the air, like the air wasn't empty, there was some sparkling. It felt like I could sense energy. I have this sensation once in while, but here in the darkness and this place of pure nature it felt like I had a heightened ability to "see" more than we usually do. My sensations were enhanced.

I was thinking about this heightened sensation when all of a sudden I saw something very unusual: there, about 150 feet away, close to the ground on the right side of the road was a bright light. It flashed, so I just saw it for a second or so. It was round, like an orb and it was so bright that my first thought was that there is somebody with a very bright flashlight. But it didn't make sense, it just flashed and it was very close to the ground.

Next thought (my mind went crazy, because I wanted an explanation), maybe it was a lightning bug? But the round light was much too big, like two feet in diameter. And shortly after realizing that there was no way I could explain this thing, I started to panic. I turned on my heels and ran back to Mike, looking over my shoulder once in a while because it felt like I was followed.

When I arrived at Mike lying on the ground I woke him up, telling him that I saw a bright light like an orb and that I'm scared and that I won't walk around alone anymore. Well, that made him get up.

I have no idea why I was so scared, and I was relieved that we finally packed up and drove away.

(Natascha's entire report, without editing, has been added to the comments below)
Mike again, chiming in with a little bit more:

While Natascha was walking on that road, I was snug in my sleeping bag drifting in and out of sleep. During this time I heard an owl hooting, over and over, and it was quite close to where I was lying. Here's an audio clip of the very distinctive call of the Great Horned Owl.

Let me add that the night was perfectly lovely, calm and very quiet. The temps were quite chilly, and we both got a lot of frost on our sleeping bags. We saw one car drive down the road shortly after sunset, but as far as I could tell, that was the ONLY car that night.

And - While typing up this post, I got to where I was writing about Natascha's memories, and I felt a little bit presumptuous writing about her direct experiences. And at that exact moment, I received an email from her (while she was sitting in a coffee shop at the Charles Du Gaulle Airport) where she shared her memories. That text is posted above (typed in Arial), with minimal editing by me.

Desert sandstone in beautiful southern Utah, and the logo-image for this blog.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cat People

I heart Jacques Toureur.

Preface to this post:
I wrote the majority of this text the night of the loud noise, January 29th. This subtle event triggered a flurry of self-examination, and the essay below. It was only the last sentence was written the next morning.

trailer for this evocative movie

The other night I was watching the very cool 1947 film CAT PEOPLE on DVD. I pressed pause and got up from the movie to get some ice cream from the kitchen.

At that point I was thinking about contacting Nick Redfern, and asking him to do an interview. In my head I rehearsed a speech where I would ask him to play the role of psychiatrist as a selfish way for me to try and unravel my own odd experiences.

I returned to the couch (and my black kitten climbed onto my lap) at the 57 minute mark of the DVD, where the psychiatrist character in the film gives a coldly logical speech (excerpted below) directed at the haunted Irena who is trying to deal with her evil cat identity. This heavy-handed bit of dialog seems to define my own challenges.

Irena (the main character in the film) is a deeply troubled artist, and also a shape shifting cat.

The creepy psychiatrist says:
You’re that close to real insanity. I can’t help you, you can only help yourself. You keep going back to the mad legends of your birthplace, forget them. You surround yourself with cat objects, pictures, paintings, get rid of them. Lead a normal life.

It was right at the end of this speech that I heard a very loud thud coming from the kitchen. I was really startled and my kitten jumped up from my lap and she darts to the corner of the couch, a spot where she can zip between the couch and the wall to hide in a zone of safety.

Now, let me say that this little kitten is afraid of nothing.

The sound in the kitchen sounded like nothing more than something plastic clattering in the sink. But, when I got up and looked around the kitchen, there was nothing out of place that might have made such a loud noise. The dishes were neatly stacked, and I couldn’t find anything that might be out of order.

I even tried to recreate the noise by dropping a plastic scrub brush into the sink, but it didn’t seem to sound at all like the jolting sound I had heard moments before.

I returned to the living room, and my other cat, Spazzy, exited the closet and very cautiously walked towards the kitchen. I followed her to see what she would look at, only to watch her sit at the entrance to the kitchen and do nothing. The jarring noise in the kitchen was odd, but more odd was when it occurred at the dramatic moment the film.

Let me add that I am completely thunderstruck by the dreamlike beauty of this film. I had seen it before, years ago on VHS, but this DVD print was remarkably beautiful.

A short excerpt of the creepy doctor and Irena. Beware, this is a mega-spoiler!

There are two domesticated cats are “featured” in the film. A light colored Siamese, and a black one. These match my cats, Spazzy and Jackie. And, there is an exceptionally beautifully photographed sequence in the film where there is a cat sitting on a light-box, curiously similar to my cute cats on light-box video. (posted over a month earlier on youtube)

Cats and a light-box NOT directed by Jacjues Toureur.

The doctor who gave that well scripted speech (excerpt above) ended up dead, the tragic heroine of the film kills him in her shape-shifting puma form after he gives her a lascivious kiss. This attempt at seduction on the part of the psychiatrist seems weirdly out of place, and I am not sure what to make of it. The script is very dreamlike, awash in mythic imagery, and it feels this character represents something calculating in a story full of unrequited passions.

The psychiatrist, the coldly logical force in the film speaks to the tragic Irena:

“You’re that close to real insanity..."

This is a small part of a speech of rationality, and later the doctor is brutally clawed to death by the sad Irena who is lost in a fog of paranormal obsessions. And at the same time, these obsessions prove to be very real. It sure seems like getting rid of a few cat pictures in her dramatically lit apartment wouldn’t have changed who she really was.

I spend a lot of my time trying to come to terms with my own experiences and what they might mean. I know that I am sane, but I have to assume that any pragmatic doctor would logically tell me: "You're that close to real insanity."

It felt like this was a message directed at me. What is the meaning? To ignore rationality and acknowledge the deeper truth that lays hidden in the paranormal?

*       *      *

The next morning I found my wooden scrub brush on the floor of the shower, this was obviously the source of the loud noise from the previous night.